Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Art Pics


It is not easy to balance the right and the left side of your brain and do this with grace without falling over your shoes. In order to make a living I work in a real estate services industry, in a large organization at a corporate (yes very corporate office). To have such a job and to be accepted as a businessperson and an artist at the same time is a big challenge. It is somehow viewed to be a mental misbalance to be known as an artist by the purely business types. People look at you with suspicion at work, afraid to peek into the “crazy” world on the other side.

Similarly artists find a choice of my day job odd. Some people even called my art a “hobby”. This is more painful since I define myself more by my creating art than looking for business opportunities in the real estate world. But neither one view nor the other suits me.

I guess the lesson in all of this is the hell with what people think. And so one walks around feeling like most of life goes on inside one’s head and no one can understand. This must be the theme of many people’s lives.

Still this is not an easy position to take no matter which world you live in.

What do you think?